The WordPress hosting market is probably the fastest changing and most interesting space within the WordPress ecosystem.

We regularly hear abstract ideas about “the market is becoming more competitive”, “larger players make it more difficult for small companies”, and “the market is maturing”; WordPress hosting is where all of this change is happening.

The biggest WordPress hosts are taking ever-bigger portions of the user-base, and taking ever-larger quantities of funding. Yet, they all face fierce competition and whilst we can assume all of the existing large hosts will survive the next five years, a much harder call is who will thrive in the next five years.

The future of the WordPress hosting market thus offers a window on the rest of the WordPress economy. This post will attempt to look at that future, arguing that the intense competition is driving hosts towards a “truly managed” experience where everything you need is taken care of for you…

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Quelle: CodeinWP | Designer’s Guide To WordPress

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