The Next Logistics Accelerator is a new industry-specific multi-corporate accelerator supporting startups and founder teams from all over the world in developing digital, innovative business models.

In addition to equity capital of up to €50,000 and access to potential clients and business partners, the NLA offers participating startups a tailor-made training and coaching program as well as venue options. In return, the startups give a three to 10% share to the NLA shareholders. They shift their focus of work to Hamburg for at least sixmonths in order to drive their company growth.

The first group of startups of Next Logistics Accelerators (NLA) have just arrived in Hamburg. After an intensive selection process, four ambitious logistics companies qualified for the exclusive six-month acceleration program.

Currently they are fine-tuning their business models for the next financing round and expanding business contact networks. Here they are…

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Quelle: EU-Startups | Germany

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