One of the first income streams I experimented with on my blogs was Amazon’s Associates program. I’ve written extensively on my tips with making money through this affiliate program in my Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program.

But today I want to update you on the results of experimenting with their OneLink feature.
One of the challenges bloggers with international audiences face is the number of Amazon stores around the world.

While it originated in the US, Amazon now has localised sites in Canada, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, India, Germany, China, Australia, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, none of their affiliate programs are linked, which can be challenging when your audience is scattered across different countries. You have to either choose which store (or stores) to link to, or try to manage the process with plugins…

Lese weiter auf: My Results with Testing Amazon OneLink to Monetise International Traffic
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