From 10-11 September 2018, the European Innovation Council (EIC) will host more than 600 top SMEs, researchers, and entrepreneurs from the most relevant innovation funding programmes of the European Union (i.e. SME Instrument, FTI and FET Open) at the EIC Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.

Together with invited investors and representatives of corporations, the event will provide a networking platform for more than 1,000 participants from all over the European Union. Participating innovators and companies will have the opportunity to exchange on best practices, pitch their ideas and solutions, attract investors, and engage in new business partnerships.

Already the second summit of its kind, it is the first one to be hosted outside of Brussels, coming to the innovation hotspots of Europe. Berlin has been chosen as the first stopover on the summit’s journey across Europe. The event will take place at STATION Berlin.

Under the motto “Innovation Kitchen Europe”, expect to find a gourmet menu of engaging keynotes, curated workshops, and enticing pitching sessions with an overall atmosphere of entrepreneurship and creativity…

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Quelle: EU-Startups | Germany

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