First off, let’s be up-front here about one (unfortunate) thing when it comes to learning how to promote your blog…

Scratch that … this goes way beyond blogs. It works pretty much the same when promoting anything else, really.

It’s this:
To make any sort of promotion actually work, you need either of two resources: ⏲ … 💰
(That’s time and money, in case you have emoji disabled.)

Newsflash … a couple of weeks ago I told you about our newest creation – a rather huge guide on how to build, grow and promote a blog. What you’re looking at here is a sneak peek of what’s to come. Today’s post comes from Chapter 10 of the guide, and it’s all about how to promote your blog in a way that’s effective = get blog traffic.

Lese weiter auf: How to Promote Your Blog: Learn What Successful Blogs ACTUALLY Do to Get Blog Traffic
Quelle: CodeinWP | Designer’s Guide To WordPress

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