Facebook Location Targeting options can provide powerful methods to reach specific users in certain areas. However, as Facebook has created additional options, advertisers may be confused about how to take complete advantage of these features. Some also may not fully understand how Facebook determines target audience locations.

Note that this post is focused primarily on paid targeting. I’ve also written about restricting your audience using location targeting at the page or post level. This post dives into what Facebook Location Targeting is and how location is determined. We’ll also cover scenarios when you might want to use the different capabilities offered. Along the way, we’ll take a nerdy detour into segmented audience analysis – Let’s get to it…

What Is Facebook Location Targeting?
Location Targeting on Facebook simply allows us to tell Facebook the relevant geographic locations where we would like to show our ads. At the time of this writing, Facebook allows you to target by Country, State (or region, depending on the country), City, Zip/Postal Code, and Business Address. In the United States, you can also target by DMA, which is a media market as defined by Nielsen.

You can also target multiple locations within a single targeting group, though there are limits to how many specific targeting parameters you can build. For example, you can include up to 25 individual countries, or up to 250 individual cities, in a single group…

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Quelle: Jon Loomer | For Advanced Facebook Marketers

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