by Trend Micro Smart Home Network and IoT Reputation Service Teams – We were able to observe a series of network attacks exploiting CVE-2018-7602, a security flaw in the Drupal content management framework.

For now, these attacks aim to turn affected systems into Monero-mining bots. Of note are its ways of hiding behind the Tor network to elude detection and how it checks the affected system first before infecting it with a cryptocurrency-mining malware. While these attacks currently deliver resource-stealing and system performance-slowing malware, the vulnerability can be used as a doorway to other threats.

What is CVE-2018-7602?CVE-2018-7602 is a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability affecting Drupal’s versions 7 and 8, which was patched on April 25, 2018. The security flaw was discovered after Drupal’s security team looked into another vulnerability, CVE-2018-7600 (also known as Drupalgeddon 2, patched on March 28, 2018). Drupal’s security team also reported that CVE-2018-7602 is being actively exploited in the wild.

According to a researcher’s technical analysis, successfully exploiting the vulnerability entails elevating the permission to modify or delete the content of a Drupal-run site.

How does the exploit lead to the Monero miner…

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Quelle: TrendLabs Malware Blog

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