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Styling, Lighting, and Camera Settings for eCommerce Photography

When shoot day arrives, there are a few steps you need to keep in mind when it comes to styling, lighting, and camera settings. Styling and...

Diese 4 Faktoren solltest du bei deinem WooCommerce-Hosting beachten

Wenn du einen WooCommerce-Shop betreibst, solltest du dir über einige Besonderheiten im Klaren sein, was das Hosting und die Optimierung deiner WordPress-Seite betrifft. Darum...

WooCommerce Plugins angetestet: Min and Max Quantity – Maximalmenge je Produkt

Du willst in deinem Onlineshop die Stückzahl limitieren, die ein Kunde von einzelnen oder allen Produkten kaufen kann? Wir haben uns zwei kostenfreie Plugin-Lösungen...

WooCommerce Shipping Saves You Money and Trips to the Post Office

If you’re getting started shipping physical goods with WooCommerce, and you’re based in the United States or Canada, try WooCommerce Shipping – a free service, built...

Five Ways to Boost Engagement with Live Chat

Customer engagement comes from the emotional connection between your customer and your brand. The more engaged your customers, the more likely they are to...

Creative Email Suggestions to Stand Out from The Crowd

We hope you’ve enjoyed this four part series on email marketing! To wrap it up, we want to leave you with some inspiration. Here are some emails...

5 Best WooCommerce Alternatives: Better Options for Specific Needs

Ask anyone who knows WordPress what the best eCommerce plugin is and chances are they’ll say WooCommerce. But what about all the competition? Are there...

Understanding the Email Marketing Lifecycle

The Sequoia Data Corporation introduced Compumarket, the first internet-based system for eCommerce, in 1989. Barely 20 years later, eCommerce sales are predicted to reach...

The GDPR: Ongoing Compliance

Over the past week we’ve answered some key questions about GDPR compliance. You’ve read about the changes coming to eCommerce (and the internet in...

Build a Fashion and Apparel Store with WooCommerce, Storefront, and Galleria

One of the most popular categories for WooCommerce stores is fashion and apparel — you can sell anything from jewelry to scarves to suits...