As you already know, we recently joined forces with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center to organise the first edition of the Blockchain Startups Summit on November 15 in Frankfurt.

The event will gather around 300 entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain service providers from across Europe to discuss the present and future use of blockchain technology in the startup space and financial sector.

The Blockchain Startups Summit will also showcase an exciting pitch competition with a selection of 10 of the hottest European blockchain-based startups, which get the opportunity to present their business model and technology to an interested audience of Blockchain enthusiasts and eventually win an attractive prize package will be worth up to €10,000, and will e.g. include one year usage of SendGrid’s Accelerate Program worth ~$2,950 (one year of free sending with the (SendGrid Pro 300K Plan, storage of 52k contacts in Marketing Campaigns, and a 6-month starter package with

You’re working on an exciting blockchain startup? Apply now to be part of our big pitch competition! These are the pre-conditions:

  • You’re running an early-stage blockchain startup
  • You raised no outside funding yet, or below €1 million
  • Your company is based in Europe and not older than 3 years

Lese weiter auf: Apply now to join the big pitch competition of our Blockchain Startups Summit in Frankfurt
Quelle: EU-Startups | Germany

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