What do you think is more important in social media marketing for building an ever-growing audience around your brand – Focusing on engaging your current audience or focusing on building a strong relationship with them?

You can engage your audience with your catchy images and videos all you want but if you are not having a conversation with them, chances are slim that you’ll ever make a connection with them. Having a relationship with a brand is the sole reason people decide to buy from a particular business, so connecting with an audience becomes vital for its success.

Connections don’t happen via broadcasts or scheduled posts, or even likes for that matter, they happen when you get close and personal with your audience and have a conversation with them that flows both ways.

Yes, that engages them in a way, but building a relationship is the bigger picture here. You’ll have to show the human element of your brand to them to foster relationships. You’ll have to focus on engaging with your audience that requires a response from them, that’s how you connect with them and make them loyal advocates of your brand and there are a lot of ways to do it on Facebook.

Here, we’ll only be talking about 5 great tips that’ll help you connect with your audience better and build a lasting relationship with them…

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Quelle: Social Media Explorer | Tools&Tipps

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