Reputation management is more important today than it ever has been in the past. In years gone by what somebody thought of your business in the next city over mattered as little as what somebody on the other side of the globe thought about your business.

Today things couldn’t be more different. The internet is written in ink, not pencil and anybody, anywhere in the world can share an opinion about your brand that could potentially cause serious harm to your business.

We shouldn’t be too pessimistic, but it’s important to be truthful about the potential that the public has to control the perception of businesses in this day and age. With such a large risk hanging over the head of every business it’s important that we be as proactive as we can be with our reputation management. Rather than waiting for a hashtag about your company to be trending, take control of the narrative a few minutes after it first appears on the web.

Reputation management works the other way around too…

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